Spine Surgery

For Insurance patients


Direct billing agreement – this includes complete coverage, coverage with exclusions, co-payment etc. A member of the FVH insurance team will clearly explain what cost factors and liabilities (if any) to expect. All necessary documentation will be provided on behalf of the patient and forwarded directly to the nominated insurance company. The team member is available to the patient to answer any further enquiries which may arise.

Non-direct billing Agreement – the FVH insurance team member obtains the necessary documentation from the doctor and will help the patient complete the paperwork required by the insurer.

Scheduled admissions

Insurers with whom FVH has an agreement

  1. FVH insurance officer will contact the insurance company, provide it with the medical report and estimated cost to obtain a letter of guarantee on the patient’s behalf. This usually takes 24 hours.
  2. Following receipt of the guarantee, the patient enjoys the convenience of cashless transactions.

Insurers with whom FVH has no agreement

  1. An FVH insurance officer will contact the company on the patient’s behalf, provide it with the medical report and estimated cost to arrange for a guarantee of payment to be forwarded.
  2. Sometimes a deposit is needed as an interim guarantee, if the patient needs or wants immediate hospitalisation for treatment.
  3. Upon receipt of the letter of guarantee from the insurer, the patient’s deposit will immediately be refunded in full.

Emergency situations

  1. The policy of FVH in an emergency situation is to hospitalise first and to process the documentation later. At FV Hospital, the health and welfare of the patient always come first.
  2. The patient’s status, emergency or otherwise, will be determined by the attending physician in accident and emergency.
  3. When the situation allows, a deposit is required. However, if the patient does not have sufficient cash funds, or a credit card, FVH will hospitalise first and then settle the financial matter within 24 hours. As a surety, FVH will keep the patient’s passport.
  4. The FVH insurance officer will then obtain the pertinent guarantee from the patient’s insurer.
  5. The patient’s deposit will be refunded in full upon receipt of the letter of guarantee.
  6. Prior to the patient discharge, the FVH insurance officer will obtain all necessary documentation from the doctor in charge, including detailed explanatory notes of all procedures undertaken, a collation of all invoices etc and also will help the patient to fill in the paperwork required by the insurance company.


There are two types of medical evacuation service that FVH is involved with:

Primary medical evacuation – this involves transporting the patient towards FVH

  1. FVH can arrange for the evacuation service, by air or by land, from oil rigs, factories and industrial parks in the areas surrounding Ho Chi Minh City.
  2. Transport from hospitals both within and outside Ho Chi Minh City (Hanoi, Danang, Nha Trang, Dalat, Phan Thiet, Can Tho, Phnom Penh and others).
  3. Obtaining the guarantee of payment for the transportation services from the nominated insurer.
  4. In the case of air evacuation, FVH service includes obtaining permission from the airport authorities for direct access to the aircraft door.
  5. Transport from the airport to FV Hospital.
  6. A deposit may be necessary until the letter of guarantee is received from the insurer.
  7. FVH insurance officer will then proceed as with the first three items above.

Overseas medical evacuation.

  1. FV Hospital’s medical and technical expertise eliminates the need for most overseas medical evacuations. However, upon the request of our corporate partner, we can organise this service.
  2. Similarly, we can arrange for evacuation of expatriates who desire to return home for treatment or convalescence.

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