Recommendations to Patients

Recommendations to Patients

For your safety and comfort and that of all other patients, we ask you to respect the following rules:

Your medication

On arrival, please inform the doctor of your regular medication and any current prescriptions. You must bring your medication with you but please do not take any of your own medication during your stay, unless approved by your doctor and advised to your nurse, as this could be dangerous for your health. Please inform your doctor also if you are currently taking any alternative or traditional medicines.

No smoking

As FV Hospital is a smoke-free zone, no one is permitted to smoke anywhere inside the building. We do appreciate your cooperation in protecting the health and safety of all patients and staff by abiding by this rule. You can smoke on the terrace (third floor) or in the garden around the hospital.

Mobile telephones

Peace and quiet are an essential part of the recovery process. In the best interests of the patients and staff, we strive to create a quiet and peaceful environment. Mobile telephones disturb this environment and may, in certain circumstances, adversely affect medical equipment.

Please ask your visitors to switch off their mobile telephones whilst inside the hospital, or, in an emergency, to set it to "silent" or "vibrate" mode and to speak quietly.

Food regulations

Please do not bring any food from outside the hospital into your room. All meals are provided during your stay and are inclusive in the daily hospital charges. If you require a special diet, please advise your nurse, as your doctor needs to decide on and monitor your diet.

Hospital material and equipment

Finally, we ask you to please respect all equipment and materials within the hospital – many of these items are expensive and require the utmost care during use.

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