Our faces, of which the nose is the most prominent feature, are all individual.

It is not uncommon that people feel uncomfortable with the way their nose appears. It can be too big, small, wide or thin or be too angular or hooked or have too many bumps. FV Hospital cosmetic surgeons can refashion your nose with a cosmetic procedure called rhinoplasty.

Rhinoseptoplasty is often combined with rhinoplasty, mainly to help clear airways.

How will surgery be performed?

For rhinoplasty, the nasal skin is separated from its supporting framework of bone and cartilage, and the framework is then formed into the desired shape. Surgery will be consistent with your specifications and the surgeon's preferred technique. Skin is then draped back over the new framework.

Sometimes, FVH surgeons perform rhinoplasty from within the nose, making their incision in the nostrils. Others prefer an "open" procedure, especially with more challenging cases. For this, the surgeon makes a small incision across the columella (the vertical tissue separating the nostrils). If the surgeon discovers a blockage (called a deviated septum if the cartilage and/or bone is/are causing an obstruction) rhinoseptoplasty is simultaneously performed to remove portions of bone or cartilage. The incision is made entirely internally. Both incisions are then closed with fine suture, followed by placement of an external splint which helps maintain the new shape while your nose heals.

If surgical packing is used, it is removed the following morning. The nasal splint is usually removed after seven days when tape is applied to the nose for a further seven days and then removed.

During your initial consultation, your FVH surgeon will examine your nose closely and discuss available options for the rhinoplasty to yield the best results.

Many patients schedule blepharoplasty or face lift surgery in conjunction with rhinoplasty, to create a harmonious facial balance. FV Hospital can offer you a special and convenient multi-procedure package, saving time and money in your quest to appear your best.

What kind of anaesthesia will I need?

Local and/or general anaesthesia depending on the extent of the procedure and in consultation with your anaesthetist.

How long will surgery take?

Usually between one or two hours, although some slightly more complicated procedures may take longer.

Will I feel pain afterwards?

The majority of rhinoplasty patients experience no pain, but the packing placed in the nose following surgery to prevent or control bleeding may cause a little discomfort. This is typically removed within a day or two after surgery, typically giving patients a great feeling of relief. A short-lived sensation of congestion may also occur.

How long is recovery?

One night’s rest in hospital may be required (two nights for Rhinoseptoplasty). A splint, tubes or surgical packing are likely to have been placed internally and a splint or bandages externally to support and protect the new cosmetic construction during initial healing.

Mild to moderate swelling will occur, peaking between two and three days afterwards, then disappearing rapidly over the next three weeks.

Specific advice at this time may include:

  • How to care for the surgical site and specific problems to be aware of in this context
  • Medication to apply or take orally to aid healing and reduce the potential for infection
  • Your general health and when to follow up with your surgeon.

The FVH surgeon will also advise you of which activities are possible in the coming weeks.

Will there be bruising and swelling?

Immediately following the surgery, bruising between the eyes spreading onto the cheeks will occur for, at most, two days, then will disappear rapidly within three to five days. Swelling will fully dissipate within a few months.

Will I have to remove the stitches?

The beauty of modern cosmetic surgery is that there are no stitches to remove. Stitches will dissolve away naturally, leaving no trace of their existence.

Will there be scars?

No need to worry! With modern closed rhinoplasty, incisions are internal which leaves no visible scarring. In open rhinoplasty, a small incision is made on the columella or in the skin between the nostrils. A small, fine-line scar results which is well-concealed and barely noticeable over time.

Results can be fully appreciated after six months. Although the results of nasal surgery are usually permanent, in some cases the cartilage may continue to reshape and move tissue, changing the outcome over time.

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Rhinoplasty surgery & Leisure Combo

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Ear & Leisure Combo Package
Are you searching for a safe, reliable and high-quality destination for your surgery or medical treatment but at the same time want to enjoy the beauty and uniqueness of a travel hotspot? Look no further! We have the most suitable packages for you right here in Vietnam!
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Please note that all of our packages & prices are estimates only and that durations can vary, depending on the timing of your admission, your surgery/treatment and your condition to fly back home. In some cases your doctor might restrict you from certain activities and the below package might not be suitable for you.

Below follows an example of a package:

  • Day 01
    Arrival, welcome and airport pick-up by Buffalo Tours Representative. Transfer to Renaissance Riverside Hotel 5* ( for check-in and rest.
    Overnight at Renaissance.
  • Day 02
    Transfer to FV Hospital for first consultation(s)/tests.
    After first consultation(s)/tests, transfer back to Renaissance, stay overnight.
  • Days 03-04
    Transfer to FV Hospital for hospitalisation and surgery
  • Days 04-25
    Transferred from FV to Thao Dien Village ( Free time.
    Sightseeing and other activities can always be arranged according to doctor’s advice.
    Transfer to FV hospital for post-discharge consultation (after recommended days from doctor)
  • Day 26
    Transfer to airport for flight back home.

Rhinoplasty Surgery

  • Rhinoplasty: US$2,100
  • Rhinoseptoplasty: US$3,000

The package includes:

  • Pre-operative consultations and tests
  • Hospitalisation
  • Surgical procedure
  • Doctor fees
  • Regular treatment and tests during hospitalisation
  • Discharge treatment
  • Follow-up consultation