Breast Implant

Breast Implant

Experience the renewed confidence and comfort with your appearance that comes with a clearly proportioned body. A firmer and sexier bust-line can be yours.

How will surgery be performed?

The breast implant or augmentation can be placed either partially under the pectoralis major muscle (sub-muscular procedure) or on top of the muscle and under the breast glands (sub-glandular procedure), depending on breast tissue thickness and adequate coverage of the implant. Your FVH Surgeon will explain the options and recommend the most suitable implant placement.

Incision site: Incision can be made either in the armpit, around the nipple or areola, which usually enlarge in proportion to the increased breast size, or alternatively in the lower breast crease. Again, your FVH surgeon will advise you on where the incision will be made dependant on the exact type and size of implant.

Implant size: Your FVH surgeon will start by measuring your breast base width. Implants come in various sizes. Cup size will also be discussed as implants come in a variety of volumes. Generally, the larger the cup size you want, the larger the breast implant your surgeon will consider.

Your FVH surgeon will also evaluate your existing tissue to determine if you have enough tissue to cover the breast implant. A breast implant that is too large can result in excessive skin stretch and future corrective surgeries. The implant edges may be apparent post-operatively. Excessively large breast implants may also result in earlier droop or sag.

Implant shape: In addition to size, you will have the option to re-shape your breasts, either to be more rounded or to be shaped like a teardrop.

Type of Implants:

Two types of breast implant filler materials are used with many different shapes and textures:

  • Saline - a silicone shell filled with sterile saline solution
  • Silicone gel - a silicone shell filled with a viscous silicone gel.

Our saline and silicone gel breast implants are either approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or carry the European standard CE mark (The CE marking is an acronym for the French "Conformité Européenne). The choice of implant filler, implant size, shape and other features will be determined based on your breast anatomy, body type and your desired increase in breast size. Your lifestyle, goals, personal preferences, as well as your FVH surgeon's recommendations and sound surgical judgment will all be factors in the final decision.

We offer our patients from all over the world a choice of brands and types of implants, which are guaranteed for life - Mc Ghan and Mentor implants from America and Eurosilicone implants from France.

What kind of anaesthesia will I need?

General anaesthesia is usual but local anaesthesia, complemented by sedation, is also possible in consultation with your anaesthetist.

How long will surgery take?

Usually between one and two hours.

Will I feel pain afterwards?

Breast augmentation stretches the tissues and can be painful, especially when the implants are placed under the muscle and for younger women who have never had children. The pain is greatest for the first two days and then improves with each day. If severe, your FVH Surgeon will prescribe medication.

How long is recovery?

Three nights in hospital are usually required . You will feel very groggy for the first two and quite weak during the first week. One should plan as much rest as possible as it is very important for healing.

Your new breasts will be elavated for the first three weeks, then settling into a very natural position. A support bra may be required for a while to help your breasts form naturally and maintain a pleasing, balanced and contoured shape.

Arm extension should be kept to a minimum for at least three to five days as tissues will heal more rapidly if you avoid stretching and separating the muscle/tissue surrounding the implants

Calm, quiet work is possible a few days following your surgery.

Will there be bruising and swelling?

Both are expected with such an operation. The swelling could continue for several weeks, then will gradually subside.

Will I have to remove the stitches?

A simple procedure done by your FVH surgeon seven to ten days after surgery - usually during your follow-up consultation.

Will there be scars?

Pink scars lasting for several weeks, beginning to fade after several months.

New developments in breast implant techniques can minimise the amount of visible scarring. A “no-scar” breast implant is impossible but depending on the choice of technique, you could be virtually scar free.

What can be done about scarring following surgery?

Several possibilities can be considered. In addition to innovations used to make your scars as inconspicuous as possible, FVH surgeons have special methods to reduce and remove scars on every part of the body using creams and lotions.

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Breast Implant Surgery (Round Shape) & Leisure Combo

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Ear & Leisure Combo Package

Are you searching for a safe, reliable and high-quality destination for your surgery or medical treatment but at the same time want to enjoy the beauty and uniqueness of a travel hotspot? Look no further! We have the most suitable packages for you right here in Vietnam!
We can offer you the most professional surgery/ treatment + relaxing leisure combo programs, in conjunction with Buffalo Tours, a leading and award-wining tour operator in Vietnam. Packages can also be tailor-made to your own special desires.
Please note that all of our packages & prices are estimates only and that durations can vary, depending on the timing of your admission, your surgery/treatment and your condition to fly back home. In some cases your doctor might restrict you from certain activities and the below package might not be suitable for you.

Below follows an example of a package:

  • Day 01

    Arrival, welcome and picked up at airport by Buffalo Tours Representative. Transfer to Renaissance Riverside Hotel 5* ( for check-in and rest.

    Overnight at Renaissance.

  • Day 02

    Transfer to FV Hospital for first consultation(s)/tests.
    After first consultation(s)/tests, transfer back to Renaissance, stay overnight.

  • Days 03-06

    Transfer to FV Hospital for Hospitalisation and Surgery

  • Day 06

    Transfer from FV Hospital to Thao Dien Village(

  • Day 07

    Morning – breakfast at Thao Dien.

    Evening – Dinner at The Deck, a romantic riverside restaurant in An Phu District. Pick-up around 6.30pm and transfer to the restaurant for an elegant dinner on the breezy banks of the Saigon River. Return to hotel around 9.00pm.

  • Day 08

    Morning – breakfast and free time at Thao Dien.

    Afternoon – half-day city tour. This tour offers a glimpse into Saigon’s turbulent past and also provides an introduction to this dynamic, multi-faceted city. We will visit the following places of interest:

    • The Reunification Palace: This is one of the most important buildings in the city. Here on April 30th 1975 the ‘American War’ officially ended when tank number 843 of the North Vietnamese Army crashed through the gates of what was, at the time, the residence of the President of the Republic of Vietnam.
    • War Remnants Museum:
    • Formerly known as the Museum of American War Crimes, this is a poignant display of the futility of war. Some of the black and white photography in the ‘Requiem’ exhibit is particularly touching, dedicated to both foreign and Vietnamese journalists and photographers who perished during the conflict. The courtyard outside contains the spoils of war, namely rusting jets, tanks and cannons captured from the American military machine.
    • Notre Dame Cathedral and Old Post Office: Built between 1877 and 1883 this is one of the city’s best examples of classical French colonial architecture. Remarkably, every stone used in its creation was shipped from France to Vietnam. Her two 40-metre towers, topped with iron spires, dominate the city’s sky line. The Old Post Office is another example of French colonial architecture and is also the country’s largest working post office.
  • Day 09

    Relaxation at Thao Dien.

  • Day 10.“Cai Be Princess” full day trip.

    Our one-day cruise excursion starts from Ho Chi Minh City with a drive to Cai Be, Phu An, where we will board the Cai Be Princess junk boat at around 10.30am. Upon embarkation, clients are welcomed with fresh rolled cotton towels. The tour will start with a visit to Cai Be’s colourful floating market. We will then proceed to some local home factories making products such as rice paste, rice pop corn, coco candies, and dry processed longans.

    You will then return to the Cai Be Princess to cruise along the Mekong canals to Dong Hoa Hiep island, located between Vinh Long and Cai Be. During this 40-minute cruise you will discover beautiful landscapes along the river and observe the typical Mekong delta rural way of life. Upon request, stops can be made along on the way for particular visits or photos making. These evergreen islands of the Mekong River still remain unknown to many people.

    Visit at an ancient mandarin house dating from the last century where family descendants will welcome you with a cup a warm green tea. Return to Cai Be Princess for a 20-minute cruise to Phu An hamlet, passing by Cai Be’s beautiful church.

    Lunch awaits you at Le Longanier restaurant at La Residence de Phu An resort, a superb Indochine-style two storey house containing antiques and furniture from the 1930s, located in a large lush tropical garden by the river surrounded by pomelo, longan, mango, coconut and banana trees.

    After a short walk along a narrow canal, a vehicle will await you for your transfer back to Saigon at around 3.30pm. Arrival in Saigon around 6:00pm.

    During the cruise, fresh cotton towels, hot green tea, mineral water and exotic seasonal fruits will be served on board free of charge.
  • Day 11

    Check-out of Thao Dien. Transfer to Vung Tau beach city, around 2.5 hours drive from HCMC.

    Arrival in Vung Tau, check-in Binh An Village ( Overnight at Binh An.

  • Days 12-13

    Relax at Binh An Village.

  • Day 14
    Transfer back to HCMC. Check-in Renaissance Riverside Hotel and relax.

    Evening – “Bonsai Dinner Cruise” programme. Itinerary:

    Exclusive outdoor dining on the Saigon River
    Board the Bonsai, a replica of a Vietnamese Emperor’s dragon boat, for a memorable evening of dining and entertainment on the Saigon River. An extensive European and Asian Buffet, featuring show cooking by our executive chefs, will be served all evening, accompanied by a live performance.

    Embark Bonsai junk at Bach Dang pier at around 7.00pm. Complimentary welcome cocktail served on board.

    Scenic cruise along the Saigon River from 7.30pm to 9.30pm. The junk’s two open sides provide uninterrupted views of HCMC’s illuminated sky line and the unique Saigon River way of life.

    Our carefully selected musical programme is the perfect relaxing accompaniment to the Bonsai’s intimate dinner cruise. After dinner you can also enjoy soft drinks at the stylish cocktail lounge on the upper deck.

    Choose from either a Euro-Asian buffet, or set menu options.
    We will then return to Bach Dang and disembark at around 9.30pm.
  • Day 15

    Transfer to FV for post-discharge consultation (or as recommended by doctor).

    City shopping tour with our guide (lunch included).

  • Day 16

    Transfer to airport for flight back home.


Breast Implant Surgery

  • Breast implant (round shape): US$3,850
  • Breast implant (teardrop shape): US$4,800 - US$5,350

The package includes:

  • Pre-operative consultations and tests
  • Hospitalisation
  • Surgical procedure
  • Doctor fees
  • Regular treatment and tests during hospitalisation
  • Discharge treatment
  • Follow-up consultation