Botox & Dermalfillers

Botox & Dermalfillers

Look and feel years younger

Millions around the world, including many movie stars, have benefited from BOTOX®, the most popular non-surgical skin care procedure. FVH offers a choice of different procedures to help end those unwanted wrinkles and enhance the vibrancy of your face. Each non-surgical treatment is a quick outpatient procedure allowing you to leave hospital on the same day. There is no recovery time and you can return to your normal routine immediately - the perfect occasion to combine your treatment with an exciting vacation in Vietnam.

Treatments are selected because they are safe, quick and highly effective, allowing patients to enjoy younger looking skin while avoiding the cost and risks of cosmetic surgery.

Our experienced international and Vietnamese doctors can skillfully complete both common and advanced BOTOX® and dermal filler procedures for around one third of the cost of treatment in the USA, and half the cost of treatment in Europe.

A wide range of other treatments are also offered

  • Laser treatments
  • Skin cancer assessments
  • Prevention strategies
  • Removal of cancerous or suspicious moles.


How does Botox work?

BOTOX® works by relaxing the muscles below the wrinkles, resulting in smoother looking skin. The treatment safely and successfully reduces wrinkles for example between the eyes (“angry lines”), on the upper forehead (“worry lines”) and around the eyes among other areas. BOTOX® can also be used for pain relief and for migraine headache prevention, it can even be used to reduce excessive sweating from the hands or under the arms.

BOTOX® can be used to create a slim, feminine jaw. Your eyebrow shape can also be altered.

When can I see the results from my Botox treatment?

BOTOX® for facial contouring gives results a few days to two weeks after treatment, your skin gaining a softer, smoother appearance. However, one must realise that the effect wears off over several months and the skin will return to its natural state. Treatments can be repeated as often as required to maintain a less wrinkled appearance. Treatment costs vary with the amount of BOTOX® (men usually require more than women), the location of the treatment and the number of areas to be treated.

BOTOX® can be combined with other treatments and is has been used on people who have had previous cosmetic procedures including silicone injections. BOTOX® is the gold standard neurotoxin with a wonderful record of effectiveness and safety over time.

How does Restylane work?

Restylane® is a natural substance giving you a younger and healthier appearance. It is made of hyaluronic acid, a clear gel naturally existing in the body, lifting and smoothing wrinkles. Restylane® maintains its shape by attracting the body's own moisture, is stable over a long duration and is not of animal or human origin. The treatment is quick and the Restylane® enhancement procedure has been safely used by millions throughout the world.

Restylane® injection restores the skin, correcting facial wrinkles and folds. Lips can be given fuller appearance. Restylane® is injected beneath creases or wrinkles between nose and mouth, to fill the lips and also in other areas, including the forehead, chest and hands. Your skin is immediately smoother and softer.

When can I see the results from my Restylane treatment?

Restylane® benefits are immediate and long lasting.

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Botox Treatment (Nefertiti lift ) & Leisure Combo Package

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Ear & Leisure Combo Package

Are you searching for a safe, reliable and high-quality destination for your surgery or medical treatment but at the same time want to enjoy the beauty and uniqueness of a travel hotspot? Look no further! We have the most suitable packages for you right here in Vietnam!

We can offer you the most professional surgery/ treatment + relaxing leisure combo programs, in conjunction with Buffalo Tours, a leading and award-wining tour operator in Vietnam. Packages can also be tailor-made to your own special desires.

Please note that all of our packages & prices are estimates only and that durations can vary, depending on the timing of your admission, your surgery/treatment and your condition to fly back home. In some cases your doctor might restrict you from certain activities and the below package might not be suitable for you.

Below follows an example of a package:

  • Day 01

    Arrival, welcome and airport pick-up by Buffalo Tours Representative. Transfer to Renaissance Riverside Hotel 5* ( for check-in and rest.

    Overnight at Renaissance.

  • Day 02

    Transfer to FV Hospital for BOTOX Treatment. Then  transfer to Thao Dien Village ( for relaxation.

    Free time.

  • Day 03

    “Riverway to Cu Chi”

    Cu Chi Tunnels is a massive system of tunnels combining to form an underground city during the American/Vietnam War. It has become a popular and must-see destination for many travellers. Buffalo Tours would like to offer you a new and exceptional way to discover this historical site: the trip combines a cruise, cultural experiences and history.

    At its height, the tunnel system stretched over 250 kilometres from Saigon to the Cambodian border and was three levels deep. The network included innumerable trap doors, specially constructed living areas, storage facilities, weapons factories, field hospitals, command centres and kitchens. Today the remaining tunnels have become a major tourist attraction giving the visitor a unique experience and a feel for what underground life in the American/Vietnam war must have been like. The tunnels have been widened for your benefit (otherwise you would not be able to enter them!).

    Leaving Saigon in the early morning, we board our speed boat from Saigon dock and leave the bustling city behind. From the boat, the city skyline gradually fades and is soon replaced by lush river banks. From the boat you can observe the daily life on the river. Along the way, you will stop at a lively market of Binh Duong Province, renowned for its variety of produce, from fresh seafood to flowers, fruits and traditional herbs. After visiting the market, you will enjoy a tea break in a local house before continuing to Cu Chi.

    Upon arrival at Cu Chi, you will watch a short introductory video on the tunnels’ construction. You will then spend the next hour exploring the maze of tunnels. Also on display are various man traps and the remains of an American tank, as well as numerous bomb craters made by 500-pound bombs dropped by B52 bombers. You then drive back to Ho Chi Minh City, arriving at approximately 2:00pm.

    Evening – Dinner at The Deck, a romantic riverside restaurant in An Phu District. Pick-up around 6.30pm and transfer to the restaurant for an elegant dinner on the breezy banks of the Saigon River. Return to hotel around 9.00pm.
  • Day 04

    Full day “Historic Ho Chi Minh City Tour”

    Formerly known as Saigon, HCMC’s history is only 300 years old. In 1859 the city was captured by the French and became the capital of Cochinchina. From 1986 until its dramatic demise in April 1975 it was the capital of the US-backed Republic of Viet Nam. Today Ho Chi Minh City is very much at the heart of Vietnamese business.

    • Visit the Ho Chi Minh Museum at the historic Dragon House Pier, where you can discover the exciting life and career of Vietnam’s greatest leader.
    • Notre Dame Cathedral and Old Post Office: Built between 1877 and 1883 this is one of the city’s best examples of classical French colonial architecture. Remarkably every stone used in its creation was shipped from France to Vietnam. Her two 40-metre towers, topped with iron spires, dominate the city’s sky line. The Old Post Office is another example of French colonial architecture and is also the country’s largest working post office.

    At approximately 1pm we shall have lunch at a local Vietnamese restaurant.

    In the afternoon, we will visit:

    • The Reunification Palace: This is one of the most important buildings in the city. Here on April 30th 1975 the ‘American War’ officially ended when tank number 843 of the North Vietnamese Army crashed through the gates of what was, at the time, the residence of the President of the Republic of Vietnam.
    • War Remnants Museum: Formerly known as the Museum of American War Crimes, this is a poignant display of the futility of war. Some of the black and white photography in the ‘Requiem’ exhibit is particularly touching, dedicated to both foreign and Vietnamese journalists and photographers who perished during the conflict. The courtyard outside contains the spoils of war, namely rusting jets, tanks and cannons captured from the American military machine.
  • Days 05-06

    Check out of Thao Dien Village. Transfer to Long Hai beach, around 2.5 hours drive from HCMC.

    Arrival in Long Hai, check-in Ho Tram Osaka resort (

    Relax in Ho Tram resort.

  • Day 07

    Transfer back to HCMC. Overnight at Renaissance Riverside Hotel.

    Choose from either a Euro-Asian buffet, or set menu options.We will then return to Bach Dang and disembark at around 9.30pm.

    Evening – “Bonsai Dinner Cruise” programme. Itinerary:

    Exclusive outdoor dining on the Saigon River

    Board the Bonsai, a replica of a Vietnamese Emperor’s dragon boat, for a memorable evening of dining and entertainment on the Saigon River. An extensive European and Asian Buffet, featuring show cooking by our executive chefs, will be served all evening, accompanied by a live performance.

    Embark Bonsai junk at Bach Dang pier at around 7.00pm. Complimentary welcome cocktail served on board.

    Scenic cruise along the Saigon River from 7.30pm to 9.30pm. The junk’s two open sides provide uninterrupted views of HCMC’s illuminated sky line and the unique Saigon River way of life.

    Our carefully selected musical programme is the perfect relaxing accompaniment to the Bonsai’s intimate dinner cruise. After dinner you can also enjoy soft drinks at the stylish cocktail lounge on the upper deck.

    Choose from either a Euro-Asian buffet, or set menu options.

    We will then return to Bach Dang and disembark at around 9.30pm.

  • Day 08

    Transfer to airport for flight back home.


Botox & Dermalfillers

Botox for both eyes: US$160 - US$320 depending upon male or female

  • Botox for furrows in the glabellar complex (lower brow, between the eyes — to remove squint or “angry” lines): US$150 to US$320. If associated with nasalis treatment (“bunny lines”), the additional cost will be US$40 to US$160
  • Botox for frontalis (upper brown “worry lines”): US$120 to US$240
  • Botox for advanced treatment areas (lower face, Nefertiti lift, botox face lift, calf contouring, facial contouring, etc.) US$15 to US$20 per unit (The number of units makes up a dose and size of the dose varies with the treatment area).

The total price depends on the patient needs. Usually the doctor starts with a low dose and asks the patient to return for additional treatments to desired effects. As an indication: for a woman in her 50ties, facial contouring usually is about US$600 and a Nefertiti lift is about US$500.

  • Botox for trigger point injections (pain relief): US$100 to US$200 per trigger point.
  • Botox for migraine headache prevention: approx. US$250
  • Restylane: the price per vial depends on the type of treatment, it is usually US$300 to US$350. Advanced high-technique areas such as rhinoplasty or lower eye treatment are more expensive, approximately US$500 per vial.

Prices vary from patient to patient because the actual amount of botox and dermal fillers is never exactly the same, therefore our prices are purely indicative. Prices depend upon gender (men have larger muscles and usually require more of the medicine), extent of wrinkles (older people with deeper wrinkles require more medicine) and preference of patient for decreased movement or flattening (the more flat the desired appearance, the more medicine needed).