Your new, slimmer and trimmer profile!

Despite our best efforts to eat correctly and exercise regularly, nothing seems to work and a flat and well-toned abdomen can be elusive. Even people with otherwise normal body weight and proportions can develop a protruding stomach caused by aging, pregnancy, significant weight fluctuations, heredity or prior surgeries.

A tummy tuck removes excess skin from around the waist and scarring or stretch marks from the abdominal area, creating a smoother, smaller and firmer profile.

What won’t a tummy tuck correct?

A tummy tuck does not remove excess fat or small fatty deposits, when the skin has a good elasticity. If dieting and regular physical exercise do not remedy this, liposuction is the right treatment.

How will surgery be performed?

The first incision will be made from one hip bone to the other, above the pubic region. A second is made to detach the navel from the surrounding tissue. The size will depend on how much skin and fat needs to be removed.

The skin is separated from the abdominal wall, whose muscles are then tightened by pulling them closer together and stitched into the new position. Their tightening can result in an even narrower waistline due to a firmer abdominal wall. The muscles are exposed when the FVH surgeon trims away excess skin and makes a skin flap with the remaining skin that is later stretched down into place. Since your navel is moved during this surgery, a new hole is made to allow your belly button to be re-stitched into place.

A scar will result from the stomach tuck that extends across the lower part of the abdomen and, in some cases, around the navel.

What kind of anaesthesia will be needed?

General anaesthesia is usual but local anaesthesia, complemented by sedation, is also possible in consultation with your anaesthetist.

How long will surgery take?

Usually between two and three hours.

Will I feel pain afterwards?
Over the first few days, the abdomen will swell, and some pain and discomfort is likely. Your FVH surgeon will prescribe medication if the pain is severe.
How long is recovery?

The incisions will be dressed and you will be wrapped in an elastic bandage or a compression garment to minimise swelling and to support your abdomen as it heals. A small, thin tube may be temporarily placed underneath the skin to drain any excess blood or fluid that may collect.

Three nights in hospital are usually required, followed by rest at your hotel for another week. Your recovery will be much faster if you are in peak physical condition.

You should try and start walking as soon as possible. Sex is possible after two weeks. Inflammation is moderate but will remain for some days. The final results may be obscured until swelling subsides. Your ability to stand fully upright will be hampered until healing is complete but within one week or two, your new, slimmer profile will give you full poise and confidence.

Will there be bruising and swelling?

Some swelling - bruising does not usually develop.

Will I have to remove the stitches?

Stitches will be removed by your FVH surgeon about ten days following your operation, usually during the follow-up consultation.

Will there be scars?

The scar runs under the abdomen, from hip to hip, following the outline of a bikini. The scar will appear to worsen during the first three to six months, and it may even be up to nine months before it flattens and lightens in colour. Scarring never completely disappears but is located so as to be easily hidden by clothing, your surgeon making every effort to make the scars as inconspicuous as possible.

What can be done about scarring following surgery?

Several possibilities can be considered. In addition to innovations used to make your scars as inconspicuous as possible, FVH surgeons have special methods to reduce and remove scars on every part of the body using creams and lotions.

  • Keloid- firm, raised and reddish-purple scars, extending beyond the initial wound area and developing over time.
  • Hypertrophic - firm, raised, and pink scars remaining within the initial wound area, perhaps naturally regressing over time.
  • Atrophic - depressed pin-like pockets in the skin from skin conditions like acne.

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Abdominoplasty Surgery & Leisure Combo

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Ear & Leisure Combo Package

Are you searching for a safe, reliable and high-quality destination for your surgery or medical treatment but at the same time want to enjoy the beauty and uniqueness of a travel hotspot? Look no further! We have the most suitable packages for you right here in Vietnam!

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Please note that all of our packages & prices are estimates only and that durations can vary, depending on the timing of your admission, your surgery/treatment and your condition to fly back home. In some cases your doctor might restrict you from certain activities and the below package might not be suitable for you.

Below follows an example of a package:

  • Day 01

    Arrival, welcome and airport pick-up by Buffalo Tours Representative. Transfer to Renaissance Riverside Hotel 5* (www.renaissance-saigon.com) for check-in and rest

    Overnight at Renaissance.

  • Day 02

    Transfer to FV Hospital for first consultation(s)/tests.
    After first consultation(s)/tests, transfer back to Renaissance, stay overnight.

  • Days 03-06

    Transfer to FV Hospital for hospitalisation and surgery

  • Days 06-12

    After surgery, transfer to Thao Dien Village (www.thaodienvillage.com) for relaxation.

    Free time at Thao Dien. Sightseeing and other activities can be arranged upon doctors’ advice.

    Transfer to FV hospital for post-discharge consultation (after recommended days from doctor).

  • Day 13

    Transfer to airport for flight back home.


Abdominoplasty Surgery

  • Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck): US$4,050

The package includes:

  • Pre-operative consultations and tests
  • Hospitalisation
  • Surgical procedure
  • Doctor fees
  • Regular treatment and tests during hospitalisation
  • Discharge treatment
  • Follow-up consultation