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Our main concern and priority is to provide you with integrated five star services, from the moment we start planning your trip, to your arrival in Vietnam, until your return home. At FV Hospital, we take every measure and care to ensure you have a safe, successful and memorable experience in Vietnam.

01.Initial contact
Initial contact

To provide you with the best and most convenient service, you can contact us via email or by filling out the online patient enquiry form. One of our International Patient Coordinators will swiftly reply and answer your questions.


If you requested a specific surgery or treatment, our International Patient Coordinator will work closely with our doctors to obtain the best recommendations for your individual circumstances. For optimal evaluation, more details about your medical history, and your medical records, may be requested.


Our International Patient Coordinator will send you a quotation of the standard package price for each procedure requested by you, tailored to your specific expectations and needs, and taking into account our medical recommendations. Our website sets out full details of what is included in, and excluded from, the standard packages, and, based on your individual circumstances, any changes to the standard inclusions will be specifically set out in your quotation.

After you accept the quotation, our International Patient Coordinator will arrange your first medical consultation(s) and will assist with coordination of your travel arrangements.


FV Hospital will work closely with our partner travel agency or with your chosen travel agent or facilitator, to coordinate your medical treatment with your travel and tourism. Please visit our partner travel agencys' homepage here for more information.

05.Arrival in Vietnam
Arrival in Vietnam

Once warmly welcomed by one of our representatives at the airport exit (if you elect the pick-up option), we will transport you to your accommodation. Our representative will speak English (or, with prior agreement, another chosen language) and will answer any questions about your stay in Vietnam.

When you arrive at FV Hospital as scheduled, normally the following day, our International Patient Officer will welcome you. She will guide you through the facilities and your medical itinerary including your first consultation with your doctor and your anaesthetist (if the latter is required). We require a payment of 15% of standard package price upon this day, this amount will then be deducted from payment of full standard package price.

If you are here for surgery, you will usually be admitted within two days after your first consultation, depending on medical recommendations. Payment or guarantee in full of your standard package price is required on admission.

06.Your stay at FV Hospital
Your stay at FV Hospital

We want your stay at FV Hospital to exceed your expectations. Our International Patient Officer will coordinate all aspects of your stay, pre- and post- surgery, and will visit you daily to assist with your needs.

She will also assist you if you have other requirements or concerns: Would you like to add travel into your recovery period? Does your companion (if any) want some advice on tourism?
07.Post- operation and recovery
Post- operation and recovery

You will recover under medical direction according to your specific treatment. Sufficient rest is important in the first few days for the healing process to be smooth and successful. Our medical team together with our International Patient Officer will strive to make sure your recovery proceeds well.

After your stay in hospital and subject to discharge recommendations based on the level of surgery, you might wish to visit a nearby hotel and spa for rest and relaxation or you might be fit enough to discover the beauty and uniqueness of Saigon and Vietnam. Our International Patient Officer will assist you to arrange any additions to your recovery package.

On discharge, you will be given any medication, dressings and treatments that are included in your package for the post-discharge period.
08.Follow-up consultation
Follow-up consultation

Before returning home, it is important to make sure that you are in good health and that your recovery has been successful. A follow-up consultation with your doctor will be arranged after the recommended period of post-discharge stay to make sure everything is in order.

At your post-discharge consultation, you will be given a medical report and any records you need to take back with you.
09.Home back
Home back

Even when you are back home, your health and well-being matters to us, and we will be available to you and your home doctor to answer your questions or concerns regarding your treatment at FV Hospital and to provide any additional medical data we have not given you.

To keep up with your recovery process, we will follow-up by email after you return home.

Your comfort and health is our priority and we look forward to helping you.

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