Do you have these common complaints?

  • "My glasses steam up or streak when it's raining."
  • "It's a bother dealing with contact lenses every day and it's expensive."
  • "I look better and younger without my glasses."
  • "I would like to play sports without worrying about my glasses or contact lenses."
  • "I cannot see anything when I'm swimming."
  • "Contact lenses make my eyes red and irritated."
  • "In the morning, I have to search for my glasses before I can see."

FV Hospital Laser Eye Centre, equipped with the latest advances in laser technology, can help you reduce, or eliminate, your dependence on glasses or contact lenses. Laser vision correction is a pain-free procedure that takes only 15 minutes and is less than 60 seconds of laser time in most cases. Never before has laser vision correction been so safe and precise, so why wait?

Common vision problems

Our eyes are delicate and complex organs that provide vision for the daily activities of living and for enjoying life’s beauty. Normal vision, sometimes referred to as 20/20, is the ability to see clearly without the need for prescription glasses or contact lenses. Here are some common vision problems (called refractive errors):


NEARSIGHTEDNESS (myopia): occurs when the cornea is too curved or the eye is too long. This causes light to focus on the front of the retina, resulting in blurred distance vision.

FARSIGHTEDNESS (hyperopia): occurs when the cornea is too flat in relation to the length of the eye. This causes light to focus at a point beyond the retina, resulting in blurred close vision.

ASTIGMATISM: occurs when the cornea is more curved in one direction than the other, often occurring with nearsightedness and farsightedness. This causes light to focus in more than one point on the retina, resulting in blurred and distorted vision.

PRESBYOPIA: occurs when age-related hardening of the lens develops inside the eye (usually after the age of 40) causing the eye to lose its ability to focus close up. This occurs separately from other refractive errors and can lead to the need for separate reading glasses or bifocal glasses for near work.

Am I a good candidate for LASIK surgery?

Yes, if your eyes and general health are normal, you are 18 years or older and your glasses/contact lens prescription has been stable for the past 18 to 24 months, you may well be a good candidate for LASIK surgery. The best way to find out is to contact us here.

Modern vision correction procedures

One of the most popular ways to correct vision is with a procedure called LASIK (Laser In-Situ Keratomileusis) which uses a laser to change the cornea curvature. LASIK has quickly become the choice for most patients because the procedure is fast, painless and the recovery is quick with fewer side effects and complications compared to other methods of vision correction. In most cases, the procedure takes only 15 minutes requiring less than 60 seconds of laser time for each eye. Moreover, most LASIK patients notice a significant improvement in their vision immediately after surgery.

If your condition is not suitable for LASIK surgery, you may qualify for other types of laser eye surgery. PRK is surface ablation with the laser, without creating a corneal flap, which is used for people with corneas too thin for a LASIK flap. Your prescription and eye structure will be considered to determine which procedure is best for you.

Innovative presbyopia treatment options now available at the FVH Laser Eye Centre include laser multifocal treatment for presbyopia, implantation of multifocal Intraocular Lenses (IOL), and bioptic treatment (a combination of laser and IOL).

What does LASIK surgery entail?

Prior to laser refractive surgery, your FVH Ophthalmologist will conduct comprehensive eye tests to determine the health and condition of your eyes and their suitability for laser surgery.

Your surgeon will then thoroughly discuss the results with you and treatment options.

You will need to stop wearing contact lenses prior to the eye examination (four days for soft lenses and two weeks for hard lenses) to ensure accurate assessment.

On the day of the procedure, you will need to arrive at the FVH Laser Eye Centre about an hour prior to your procedure to check in and prepare for surgery.

Prior to surgery, the area around your eyes will be cleaned and eye drops used to numb your eyes; no injections or needles are used. During the surgery, you may feel a little pressure, but no pain. You will be asked to look directly at a target light while the laser reshapes your cornea. The laser treatment will be completed in less than a minute, depending on the amount of correction needed.

Following your procedure, you will rest in our comfortable recovery area with your eyes closed for 15 minutes. You will then be given additional eye drops to use and a pair of protective glasses to wear for one week.

Your vision will not be the sharpest at first, so someone will need to drive you home. The FV staff will give you clear instructions for post-operative care, which includes eye drops and determining which activities are possible.

State-of-the-art equipment

FVH Laser Eye Centre is an ultra-modern facility equipped with the latest generation Nidek Advanced Vision Excimer Laser System (NAVEX) from Japan:

  • Eye Tracking System for pinpoint accuracy and safety
  • OPD-Scan Wavefront Analyzer to create customised maps of your individual eyes
  • Innovative Aspheric treatment software provides exceptional visual results and decreases the risk of night vision problems such as halos and glares
  • New presbyopia treatment to improve near reading vision without reading glasses or bifocals
Highly qualified professionals you can trust

Even though laser vision correction procedures are relatively quick, this in no way lessens the importance of having the procedure performed by highly skilled surgeons who are supported by well-trained staff.

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Lasik Surgery (both eyes) & Leisure Combo Package

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Ear & Leisure Combo Package

Are you searching for a safe, reliable and high-quality destination for your surgery or medical treatment but at the same time want to enjoy the beauty and uniqueness of a travel hotspot? Look no further! We have the most suitable packages for you right here in Vietnam!

We can offer you the most professional surgery/ treatment + relaxing leisure combo programs, in conjunction with Buffalo Tours, a leading and award-wining tour operator in Vietnam. Packages can also be tailor-made to your own special desires.

Please note that all of our packages & prices are estimates only and that durations can vary, depending on the timing of your admission, your surgery/treatment and your condition to fly back home. In some cases your doctor might restrict you from certain activities and the below package might not be suitable for you.

Below follows an example of a package:

  • Day 01
    Arrival, welcome and airport pick-up by Buffalo Tours Representative. Transfer to Renaissance Riverside Hotel 5* ( for check-in and rest.
    Overnight at Renaissance.

  • Day 02
    Transfer to FV Hospital for first consultation(s)/tests.
    After first consultation(s)/tests, transfer back to Renaissance, stay overnight.
  • Day 03
    Transfer to FV Hospital for surgery. After surgery, transfer to Thao Dien Village ( for relaxation.
  • Day 03-05
    Relaxation at Thao Dien. Free use of health club facilities including fitness room, sauna, steam room, jacuzzi, etc., during opening hours. Enjoy 10 per cent discount on all other services at Spa Authentic. Post-discharge consultation at FV.

  • Day 06
    Full day “Cu Chi Tunnels and Cao Dai temple” trip.

    Tay Ninh, near the Cambodian border, is home to the unique Cao Dai sect. The religion is a hybrid of Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism and Christianity. The Cao Dai Temple at Tay Ninh has been described as a Walt Disney fantasia of the East. The temple’s exterior is decorated with multi-coloured dragons of all shapes and sizes. Above the main entrance is the all-seeing holy eye, the symbol of the Cao Dai sect. The interior is just as engaging as statues of Jesus Christ, Buddha and the Hindu god, Brahma, stand side by side.

    The trip to Tay Ninh is combined with a visit to the Cu Chi Tunnels. Today the remaining tunnels have become a major tourist attraction giving the visitor a unique experience and a feel of what underground life in the American/Vietnam war must have been like.

    In the morning at 8.00am, we’ll drive to Tay Ninh to observe the midday service. Following lunch, we will drive to the Cu Chi Tunnels and then return to Ho Chi Minh City around 5.00pm.

  • Day 07-08
    Check-out of Thao Dien. Transfer to Long Hai beach, around 2.5 hours drive from HCMC.
    Arrival in Long Hai, check-in Ho Tram Osaka resort (
    Relax at Ho Tram resort.

  • Day 09
    Transfer back to HCMC. Check-in Renaissance Riverside Hotel.

    Evening – “Bonsai Dinner Cruise” programme. Itinerary:

    Exclusive outdoor dining on the Saigon River
    Board the Bonsai, a replica of a Vietnamese Emperor’s dragon boat, for a memorable evening of dining and entertainment on the Saigon River. An extensive European and Asian Buffet, featuring show cooking by our executive chefs, will be served all evening, accompanied by a live performance.

    Embark Bonsai junk at Bach Dang pier at around 7.00pm. Complimentary welcome cocktail served on board.

    Scenic cruise along the Saigon River from 7.30pm to 9.30pm. The junk’s two open sides provide uninterrupted views of HCMC’s illuminated sky line and the unique Saigon River way of life.

    Our carefully selected musical programme is the perfect relaxing accompaniment to the Bonsai’s intimate dinner cruise. After dinner you can also enjoy soft drinks at the stylish cocktail lounge on the upper deck.

    Choose from either a Euro-Asian buffet, or set menu options.

    We will then return to Bach Dang and disembark at around 9.30pm.

  • Day 10
    Morning - Transfer to FV for post-discharge consultation. Note: this date could be changed depending on doctor’s advice.

    Afternoon – Spa and dinner

    Sen Spa provides the perfect retreat from the stresses of travel and city life. Inspired by the traditions and rituals of Asian cultures, we offer you a unique environment in which to relax and rejuvenate.
    Release stress and refresh with spa treatments such as a herbal steam bath, aromatic hot and cold jacuzzis, two-hands massage, and more.

    After your treatments, you will be transferred to the relaxing Thao Dien Village riverside complex for a delectable Vietnamese dinner.

  • Day 11
    Transfer to airport for flight back home.

Lasik Eye Surgery

  • Lasik: US$820 /Eye
  • PRK: US$820 /Eye
  • PAC-Lasik (Lasik for distance and reading vision): US$930 /Eye

The package includes:

  • Pre-operative consultations and tests
  • Surgical procedure
  • Doctor fees
  • Post-operative medications & Eye care kit
  • Post-operative examinations
  • Enhancement (if needed) during the first year