Our International Patients Officer will assist you through the whole process of your stay from consultation, then admission and hospitalisation and you can always share any request or concern with her. The International Patients Officer will also assist you when you have your follow-up consultation after the recommended number of days.

Important dos and don’ts

Now to the details: what to bring, what we supply and what not to bring. To make it easier to remember, the following list is provided.

What we supply in the room:

  • Nightshirt or pyjamas (you can also supply your own provided they have been freshly washed)
  • All bed linen and towels required during your stay

What to bring with you at admission:

  • Personal clothing
  • Slippers, soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste and hairbrush etc.
  • All your current medication and prescriptions to present to your assigned physician
  • All x-rays, scans and other test results related to your condition (including those performed at other hospitals)
  • All medical records relevant to your condition
  • Your ID or passport
  • Medical insurance details
  • Enough money to cover your payment of the basic price (please ask the International Patients Officer for the correct amount)
  • Safety boxes are available in your room

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