What is Accreditation?

This is an assessment of how well the hospital works in accordance with standards prepared by healthcare professionals and is evaluated independently: an ongoing process which ensures the delivery of safe, effective, and high quality healthcare.

Since its foundation in 2003, FVH has embraced the highest international standards of healthcare and has sought accreditation from one of the most respected healthcare authorities in the world: the French Haute Autorité de Santé (HAS). Accreditation is distinct from certification, which is not a prerequisite for accreditation: certification (like ISO), differs in its mechanisms and field of application. The FVH Quality team has been working since the end of 2005 with HAS experts. Click here to read more about our HAS accreditation.

Why seek Accreditation?

Firstly, because we have an ongoing commitment to be better at what we do and to do it more efficiently.

Secondly, it is to ensure legal compliance.

Public recognition of the accreditation by such a respected organisation as HAS provides a further independent measure to reassure patients who place their trust in FVH.

The criteria

Simply put, accreditation is all about standards.

  • Patients and patient care
    • Patient rights and information
    • Patient records
    • Patient care organisation
  • Management and administration in the service of the patient
    • Management of the healthcare organisation and varied activity sectors
    • Human resources management
    • Logistics management
    • Information systems management
  • Quality and prevention
    • Quality management and risk prevention
    • Anaesthetic monitoring
    • Special prevention programmes and transfusion safety
    • Monitoring, prevention and control of the risk of infection

The way we do it

The establishment and management of the following procedures and programmes require the complete involvement, commitment and understanding of FVH staff, under the supervision of the Quality Assurance Department.

  • Establishing working groups/committees to initiate autonomous assessment procedures in various disciplines (patient rights and confidentiality, patient records, blood safety, waste management, prevention of hospital-acquired infection)
  • Intensive staff training – an ongoing series of programmes involving all medical and technical personnel to ensure state-of-the art learning about treatment procedures and healthcare
  • Initiating and progressing policies and procedures to maximise the efficiency of departmental operations and the highest levels of patient treatment and care
  • Management support – the knowledge, experience and involvement of management at every level of hospital operations.

In essence, accreditation acknowledges an unceasing commitment by FVH to improve its organisation and practices to achieve the highest quality and safety in healthcare services with the ultimate goal of achieving complete patient satisfaction.

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