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FV Hospital is 100% foreign-owned and is financed by a group of very experienced French, Swiss and Belgian healthcare professionals, and by the Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam (BIDV).

Due to the nature of our financial backing, FV Hospital has been built and is managed according to stringent guidelines applied during conception, construction and day-to-day operations

Officially opened in 2003, FVH is recognised as an international-standard, general- tertiary hospital offering a wide range of medical and surgical services. We currently treat over 150,000 patients a year, from consultation and diagnosis through to treatment completion, utilising services from one of more of FV's thirty specialised departments in each case.

Efficiency through technology

FVH is equipped throughout with the latest medical technology. By utilising state-of-the-art equipment and cutting edge surgical techniques, we are able to optimise cost efficiency. In combination with the skills of our surgical team, these technologies allow us to perform new minimally invasive surgeries, such as laparoscopy and video-assisted endoscopy. Surgical interventions that once required a whole week to recover can now be performed on a day surgery basis, eliminating the costs associated with lengthy hospital stays and convalescence away from work.

We implement established international standard procedures for sterilisation and infection control, using Getinge autoclaves and sterilisers. We utilise many surgical materials designed for single use, which dramatically reduce the possibility of infection. Also, we are continually upgrading equipment and technology in all our departments to better treat and care for our patients. Programmes for regular and thorough maintenance of medical and non-medical equipment are in accordance with the standards mandated by international regulatory bodies, as specified in our Patient Charter.

Operational standards

  • Organisation – as a facility truly committed to international healthcare standards, FVH is structured upon the uncompromising standards set down by worldwide accreditation bodies (including patient rights, confidentiality, medical records, blood safety; intensive staff training; policies and procedures; management support)
  • Governance / accountability / transparency – the initial financing provided by IFC and ADB required us to adhere to a number of rules and guidelines in daily facility management; purchasing procedures, management structure, management operations, equipment usage and responsibility, accounting procedures and we continue to adhere to these stringent guidelines with our accounting procedures are regularly monitored by KPMG, the respected international auditors.
  • Policies and procedures – FV's are of the highest international standard and are clearly outlined in the Patient Charter.
  • Staff training - our on-going commitment to staff development is supervised by both senior staff members and visiting specialists across three key areas::
    • knowledge and skills training to ensure that all staff are fully cognisant with the latest technological advances and healthcare procedures
    • language training to ensure that patients can be clearly understood and can clearly understand the prescribed treatment, hospitalisation procedures and protocol
    • customer service, the patient being our primary concern. Our mission is to provide the highest quality service possible – medical and non-medical – to each and every patient.
  • Waste management / cleanliness / hygiene – internationally accepted procedures and guidelines are strictly adhered to (as stipulated in the accreditation process) as they are essential to the well-being of patients as well as to the overall efficient running of the hospital. Specifically, FVH commits to:
    • preventing and minimising waste production through integrated systems and management practices
    • reusing or recycling waste if feasible
    • treating or arranging waste treatment by environmentally conformant methods
    • disposing of residues in licensed, controlled and properly designed disposal sites, and phasing out the use of polyvinyl chloride materials by utilising suitable replacement materials.


Correct procedural efficiency is essential to ensure international standards. FVH has several committees comprising senior surgeons and technical personnel who oversee key medical activities.

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Medical Advisory Board (MAB)

This board is a self-regulatory body which unites the doctors with the management of the hospital. The primary concern of the board is to ensure that the highest degree of professionalism and staffing is followed in order to maintain the international standards our patients expect. For example:

  • Evaluating and checking doctor credentials
  • Organisation and staffing of OPD, operating theatre, ICU and wards
  • Ethics
  • Professional conduct (both for medical and non-medical staff)

Hospital Information System (Microsoft Amalga HIS)

The computer programme uses a state-of-the-art software system called Microsoft Amalga HIS which is specifically designed for international standard hospitals. The system is basically the same as the one used by Bumrungrad Hospital in Bangkok but specially adapted to the needs of FV Hospital. It utilises a network infrastructure based on high-speed fibre optic technology, backed by an array of powerful and dedicated servers. The scalable and integrated Microsoft Amalga HIS delivers a complete and flexible system managing all functions within one affordable solution. As a result, it helps to improve the hospital’s operational efficiency, quality of care and patient experience by providing clinicians with a single and customised view of your healthcare information.

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